We Are Broad Strokes Group

We are engaged in Stressed Asset Acquisiton and Business Incubation

We believe in technology having the power to solve challenges of scale,

operating efficiency and information asymmetry in all businesses

We believe in the need for new ideas and new thinking to survive & thrive

Our Focus areas are

Dairy & Food, Para-skilling & Human Capital development, and Technology

team broad strokes

Our Portfolio

Our Advisors

Dr. Sneh Gupta
Economic Policy
Shri. Navneet Agarwal
Dr. Surjit Angra
Education Administration
Shri. HB Munjal
Bureaucrat (Retd.)
Shri. VK Sharma
Education Administration
Dr. Arvind Gupta
Professor (IRMA)
Shri. H Singh
Bureaucrat (Retd.)
Dr. Avadhesh Gupta
Professor, IIT Delhi (Retd.)

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